VDI Server - Tutorial : setup

Step 1 : Create your workspace

Step 2 : Open VirtualBox

Download, install and open VirtualBox.

Step 3 : Create a virtual machine

Create a new virtual machine Debian named "My server".

Step 4 : Use the virtual disk

Download and use debian-2.0.1.zip as a virtual disk.

Step 5 : Setup the network adapter 1

The network adapter 1 is a NAT with the following MAC address : 08002724C3CD

Step 6 : Setup the network adapter 2

The network adapter 2 is a Host-Only Adapter with the following MAC address : 0800276C1AF5

Step 7 : Create a shared folder

Create a shared folder named "workspace" with the previously created folder.

Step 8 : Run the virtual machine

Run the virtual machine and wait the following message : LOGIN : root PASSWORD : dede

Step 9 : Setup a local host

Bind a local host named "workspace" to the IP address :

Step 10 : Test your local website

Finally, open your browser with this URL : http://workspace/myProject/index.php